Zimbabwe Public Holidays 2017 With Calender

Do you want to know about Holidays 2017? By reading this article you can easily about holidays dates. There are eleven  Zimbabwe public holidays in the year of 2017. These holidays will celebrate by whole nation in that fixed day with full enthusiasm. 1st May 2017 is their Independence Day. On that day in 1980, they got independence from the UK. They celebrate December 26 as Boxing Day.

Zimbabwe Public Holidays in  2017

Day Date Holiday
Sunday January 01 New Years Day
Monday January 02 New Years Holiday
Friday April 14 Good Friday
Saturday April 15 Easter Saturday
Sunday April 16 Easter Sunday
Monday April 17 Easter Monday
Tuesday April 18 Independence Day
Monday May 01 Labor Day
Thursday May 25 African Unity Day
Monday December 25 Christmas Day
Tuesday December 26 Boxing Day

Zimbabwe Public Holidays

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Most of the Zimbabwe public holydays are fixed. April 18 is their Independent day. Every year they celebrate this day with full enthusiasm.


Zimbabwe public holydays

 New Years Day: The first day of the year is called New Year’s day. This country follows Gregorian calendar to celebrate New Year’s Day. They celebrate New Year’s Day after one week of previous Christmas day. In 2017, New Year’s Day is Sunday. People get one more extra day as holiday for this reason. 1st and 2nd January in 2017 is Zimbabwe Public Holidays.

Good Friday: This day held every year before last Friday of Easter Sunday. This day has not fixed day. It depends on Easter Sunday date. It is mourning day of Christian’s religion people. In some countries arrange special processions for this day.

Holy Saturday: Besides Holy Saturday this day also known as Easter Saturday, Easter Eve and Black Saturday. The day has not fixed date. It depends on Good Friday date. It celebrates after the next day of Good Friday. Besides Zimbabwe this day also celebrate in Australia, Hong Kong, Zambia, Honduras and Philippines.

Easter Sunday: The date for this occasion is not fixed. It celebrates next Sunday of Good Friday. In 2017 it is held in 16th April. It is not celebrate in this country. It is also celebrate in Hungary, Jamaica, Paraguay, Albania Lebanon and Honduras.

Easter Monday: It is a Christian holiday which is celebrated after next day of Easter Sunday. In many places it was celebrated as Easter week. The date of celebrating this day is not fixed. It is celebrated after next Monday of Easter Sunday. This day is celebrating the renaissance of Jesus. It is also celebrate in Hungary and South Africa.

Independence Day: This day has fixed date. Every year Zimbabwe celebrates their independence day in 18th April. In 1980 Zimbabwe got Independence from United Kingdom (U.K.). Since 1980 they celebrate this special day.

Labor Day: The date of this day is fixed. It is internationally day. The whole world celebrates this day. Workers get one day vacation for this day on 1st April. Canada New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands celebrate this Zimbabwe Public Holidays on different date.

African Unity Day: It is annually celebrated in 25 May. It is also known as Africa day. Since 1963 it is celebrates. Not only Zimbabwe but also Ghana and Zambia celebrate this day as Africa day.

Christmas Day:  This day is special for Christian religious people. Over 2 billion people celebrate this day on that date across the whole world. It is an international holiday but in some countries it is not holiday. Mistletoe, carol singing is Christmas traditions.

Boxing Day: This day is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Zimbabwe in 26 December. Some places it celebrates as part of Christmas day. It is generally celebrate next day of Christmas day. Besides Zimbabwe Australia, United States and South Africa celebrate this day.

With full enthusiasm Zimbabwe celebrate their holidays every year. The dates of holidays are described here in details for you. Thank you for being with us.

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