Yemen Public Holidays 2017 With Calander Images

Yemen is a Muslim religion based country and Arabic is their main or official language. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha is their main festival. They get a vacation for these festivals. If you want to know about Yemen public holidays 2017, this content is absolutely for you. In this year they get sixteen holidays. We give a table and discussed in details about public holidays of Yemen in 2017.

 Public Holidays in Yemen in 2017

Day Date Holidays
Sunday January 01 New Year Day
Monday May 01 Labor Day
Monday May 22 Unification Day
Monday-Thursday June 26-June29 Eid Al Fitr Holiday
Friday-Monday September 01-September 04 Eid Al Adha Holiday
Thursday September 21 Hijri New Year
Tuesday September 26 September Revolution
Saturday October  14 Liberation Day
Thursday November 30 Independence Day
Friday December 01 Rabi Al Awwal


Yemen Public Holidays

Yemen Public Holidays

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Eid Al Fitr Holiday and Eid Al Adha Holiday are main festivals and holidays of this country. Yemen public holidays have not fixed date. New Year Day: They celebrate happy New Year day on 1st January every year like US, New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Russia. This country follows Gregorian calendar to celebrate New Year’s Day. Since 1st January 2017 is Sunday, People get an extra holiday for this reason. People of Yemen get an extra holiday for Happy New Year Day. They celebrate New Year’s Day one week later of previous Christmas day.

Labor Day: It is an International holiday. The date of this holiday date is fixed. Labor Day is also known as International Labor Day and May Day. Since late nineteen century, this day is celebrated.  Workers get a vacation for Labor Day.

Eid Al Fitr Holiday: This day is special for Islam religion people. This day has not fixed date. This day is fully dependent on the moon. Muslim people celebrate this day after one month Ramadan. People of Yemen get four days vacation for this holiday in 2017. Yemen celebrates this holiday like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Turkey.

Eid Al Adha Holiday: It is another special day for Muslim religion people. The date for this holiday is not fixed. The date for holiday is dependent on the moon. People celebrate this holiday on 10th Dhu Al Hajjah.  Yemen’s people get four days holiday for this day every year. Not only Yemen’s people but also Pakistani and Bangladeshi celebrate this day.

Hijri New Year: Hijri New Year is known as Awal Muharram. This festival’s date is not fixed. This date is fully dependent on Moon. Muharram is the first month of Arabic year. This date is celebrated almost every Muslim country. People get one day vacation for this holiday. This day is known in various names in many countries.

 Rabi Al Awwal: This day is really special for Muslim people. This day is birthday date of their Prophet Muhammad’s (SM). This festival is celebrated in the third month of Arabic. 12th Rabiulawal is fixed date for this holiday.

People of Yemen celebrate Yemen public holidays with full enthusiasm. It is a Muslim country. So they enjoy Muslim holidays.

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