Vietnam Public Holidays 2017 With Calander Image

Vietnam is a country which is situated in Southeast Asia. If you want to know about Vietnam public holidays 2017, this content is absolutely for you. In 2017, there are thirteen public holidays in Vietnam. They celebrate their National Day on 4th September 2017. Every year they celebrate this day with full enthusiasm. There is a table of Vietnam’s public holiday and details about this are given below.

Public Holiday in Vietnam in 2017

Day Date Holiday
Sunday January 01 New Year’s Day
Monday January 02 New Year’s Holiday
Thursday January 26 Tet Holiday
Friday January 27 Tet Eve
Saturday January 28 Tet Nguyen Dan
Sunday-Wednesday January 29- February 01 Tet Holiday
Thursday April 06 Hung Kings Temple Festival
Monday May 01 May Day
Tuesday May 02 Reunification Day
Monday September 04 National Day

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Vietnam Public Holidays

They celebrate their holidays with full enthusiasm. Public holidays of Vietnam are discussed below only for you.

New Year’s Day: It is the first day of English New Year. This occasion is celebrated in whole world every year. This day is celebrated one week later of Christmas day. Since 1st day of 2017 is Sunday, people get a one-day extra holiday for this reason. So 1st and 2nd January of 2017 is a public holiday in Vietnam.

Tet Nguyen Dan: It is the important and festival day for Vietnam people. Tet is Vietnamese New Year. They enjoy this day by doing many things. They follow lunar calendar for celebrating this important day. In 2017 this day celebrates on January 28. People of this country do many things for this day. In this year Vietnam people get seven-day holidays for this occasion. As it is their main festival, they get about seven days every year.

Hung Kings Temple Festival: People get one day holiday for this day. In 2017, this day celebrates on 6th April. Since 2007 it is national holiday in Vietnam. It is celebrated every four months of every year. In this day, procession held for this occasion. This procession goes every temple.

Labor Day:  It is known as May Day. Every year in 1st March celebrate as May Day globally. Labor gets one day vacation for this holiday. As it is the international holiday, it celebrates globally. Since late 19th century, this day celebrate.

Reunification Day: This day has fixed date for celebrating. Every year in 30th April people of Vietnam celebrates this day. People of Yemen celebrate this day with many programs. If April 30 fall a weekend, people get one-day extra holiday for this.

National Day: This is a very important day for Vietnam people. If the day falls on a weekend, people get an extra day holiday following Monday. People of this country celebrate this day for independence from France.

Vietnam people celebrate these holidays. Foreign people who live and work in this country get holidays for these days and they can enjoy these holidays. That’s it about Vietnam public holidays. Thank you very much for being with us.

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