Telegu New Year 2017 date, Tradition and celebration, images, wishes

Ugadi is the name of Telegu New Year that is an Indian new year. Ugadi is observed as the beginning of a New Calendar in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Many traditions are observed on this day. Generally, people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh celebrated the new year. In this article, we are going discuss about Telegu New Year 2017 date, tradition, and celebration, images, wishes and messages, greetings, and wallpapers. So, read the full article to know about the Ugadi new year.

Telegu New Year 2017 date

According to the Hindu calendar, the date of the Telegu New Year usually varies. Generally, it falls on the very 1st day Chaitra month. In this case, in 2017 literally, Telegu New Year 2017 will falls on 28th March.

Telugu new year 2017

Telegu New Year tradition and celebration

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Malayalam New Year 2017 tradition and celebration, date, Wishes, greetings, images

People start making preparation a week before the arrival date. So, People clean their home and decorate their home with mango leaves. Usually, people love to do shopping before the arrival date. Buying new cloths is a tradition. So, they gifts Sarees, dhuti each other. To, celebrate the day people follow their own tradition.

At the very 1st early in the morning, they carry fresh mango leaves. They use the leaves to decorate the entrance of their homes. They believe that Lord Ganesh and Karthik are fond of mangoes. This is their most special things.

The most important, thing is on this auspicious day people wake up before dawn and getting ready for the preparation. Then they take a herbal bath. After, then they apply hair oil on their hair. Then they wear new clothes. After, wearing new clothes people get ready to visits temples.

People make sure to visit temples along with their family members. After, they offer prayers to God for their good time ahead. Then people eat meal together with family members.

On the evening, many feasts are organized. Sometimes, people called their friends and relatives to participate in the feast. Then they enjoy the party together.

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Sinhala New Year 2017 tradition and celebration, date, Wishes, greetings, images

On this day, people make a traditional sauce. Ugandi Pacchachadi is name of the sauce. The sauce is very traditional. The sauce marks many things. Neem leaves, jaggery, raw mango and tamarind juice to make the sauce.  Expenditure of this sauce is considered symbolize for a smooth journey in the New Year ahead. They taste the sauce on the very 1st morning on the day.

The household women make special delicacies for the occasion. People of Andhra Pradesh make traditional delicacies like Bobbatlu and Pilohura. Both delicacies are popular in Andhra Pradesh.

Telegu New Year images 2017

People use to send wishes New year by images or greeting cards. Here some high resolution images and greeting cards for you. To download image and greeting cards right click on image and save the image.

  1. Telugu happy ugadi image

Telugu happy ugadi image

2. Telugu New Year 2017 image 2

Telugu New Year 2017 imge 2

3. Telugu new year cultural image with saree

Telugu new year cultural image

4. Telugu New Year food image

Telugu New Year food imge

5. Telugu New Year rally image

Telugu New Year rally imge

Telegu New Year wishes 2017

Here we have shared some hot collection of New Year quotes and Wishes. Check them to send messages to your friends, wife, parents, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family.

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