Sinhala New Year 2017 tradition and celebration, date, Wishes, greetings, images

Sinhala New Year 2017 is a Tamil new year festival which is observed on 1st day of Sinhala Calendar. New Year is celebrated in different countries in different way. The times of celebration are also changes in some countries. The New Year is also known as Aluth Avurudhu. Every year in 13th or 14th April it is observed by Sri Lankan people.

Usually, Sri Lankan people also celebrate their new year with own cultural way like others. But some of things are almost same among others. They also wish among family, friends, lover and others in that day with SMS Massage, greetings card, image etc. That is why I am trying to add the greetings content with Sinhala New Year tradition and Sinhala New Year celebration history.

Sinhala New Year 2017

14th April Tamil New Year 2017 date

The Sinhala New Year dates is depended on Sinhala Calendar. In that case, in 2017 the New Year will be celebrated in 14th April. In this article we are going to share ideas about the New Year traditions, celebration, images and wishes 2017.

Sinhala New Year Traditions

The Sinhala New Year actually a traditional New Year. Sri Lankan people think the celebration of New Year is the changes of thoughts. Most interesting things are ceremony and gave birth too many rituals are also related. The New Year celebrations thought as a complex mix of Indigenous, Astrological, Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Sinhala New Year celebration and food

As I said already it is a traditional New Year. That is why; the celebration of Sinhala New Year is also traditional. In this day, people visit temples, donate food and clothes to the poor people. On the eve of Sinhala New Year traditionally people take a Holy Bath with herbal mixture instead of soap. They believe that the bath purifies their bodies as well as the soul and they are capable to welcome the New Year with a positive mind.

People clean their houses on the eve of New Year come just to wash away the evils of the earlier year. They draw a decorative design with white rice flour or coconut for auspicious reason.

Women cook special meal like Hath Maluwa or a curry with 7 different flavors. This meal is traditional. They made sweets for eat. The head of the households makes a traditional pot. They arranged the pot by five mango leaves and one coconut.

Then all family members have lunch together to celebrate the arrival of the upcoming New Year. They eat small oil cakes called Kaung. Kaung is their traditional food. The young people touch the feet of elders to seek blessings. Some Sri Lankan people play a game called Guddu with friends or family members for bringing good luck.

Sinhala New Year images

People use to send wishes Sinhala New Year 2017 by images or greeting cards. Here some high resolution images and greeting cards for you. To download image and greeting cards right click on image and save the image.

New Year Image 2017 – 1

Sinhala New Year Image 2017

New Year Image 2017 – 2

Sinhala New Year Image 2017 - 2

Sinhala New Year wishes

Here we have shared some hot collection of Sinhala New Year 2017 quotes and Wishes. Check them to send messages to your friends, wife, parents, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family.

  • @=-=-=-=-= @
    )) *Happy* ))
    // * New *  //
    ((  * Year*  ((
    @=-=-=-=-= @
    siyalu petum ituwana
    subama suba aluth awruddak wewa….!!!
  • Aluth balaporoththu..
    Ahurak aran..
    Aluth irak payanne..
    Aluth Wasarak aran..
    Me SMS eken mama..
    Suba nawa wasarak..
    Pathami obasemata mama..

Hope everyone will enjoy Sinhala New Year 2017. Just wish your friends, boyfriends, girl friends and family members to make it special. To get ideas and information about the New Year get in touch with

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