Pohela Boishakh, Shuvo Noboborsho 2017 Pic (Bengali New Year)

Pohela Boishakh is one of the biggest and famous celebrations for the Bengali people of the world. Shuvo Noboborsho 2017 Pic and all information is here. Generally, the day observed on 14th April of every year. The day participates on Bangladesh, India and many other countries where Bengali community arises. In this case, the celebration of Pohela Boishakh is the traditional culture for Bengali people.

In this article we are going to share about Pohela Boishakh: History, Definition, Activities and Bengali New Year 2017 (Shuvo Noboborsho 1423). So, read the full article to know Bengali traditional culture, history, activities and many more updates.

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Pohela Boishakh Traditions

In Bengali, the traditional culture Pohela stands for 1st and Boishakh is the 1st month of Bengali calendar. So, Pohela Boishakh Means the 1st day of Bengali Calendar.

Pohela Boishakh connects all cultural Bengali irrespective of religious and regional differences. In Bangladesh, India, west Bengal, and Assam, it is a public holiday. It is publicly celebrates in mid April of every year.

Bengali New Year is referred to in Bengali as New Year from Sanskrit Nava which is the 1st month of Boishakh. Nobo means new and Borsho means year.

Boishakh is the 1st of the Bengali months where Pohela simply means 1st like Pohela Falgun. So, tt is held for welcome the Bengali New Year. It has survived last few centuries where Bengali’s of all walks of life comes together to make it colorful.

Pohela Boishakh History

The Bengali calendar is closed with the Vedic Hindu solar calendar. It is based on Surya Siddharth. The Bengali New Year coincides therefore with the New Year in mid of April in Calcutta, Assam, Burma, Kerala, Nepal Punjab, Tamil Nadu etc.

The story of the beginning has a few versions; however, they all go back to particular Mughal emperor, Akbar the great and the tax collecting process under his reign (1556-1609). Several hundred years ago, the economy system almost depended on agricultural product. Then, Mughal king makes a calendar to collect taxes from peoples. Till then, the calendar was named by Bengali calendar. Pohela Boishakh is the 1st day of the Bengali calendar.

From the time, day by day the culture, tradition, types of the celebration of the day has changed, added or removed. But, the administration of Bang la academy keeps the full power to changes traditions and cultures.

Consequently, the people of West Bengal of India and some other states in India and all over the world follow the same process to celebrate.

Activities and Bengali New Year 2017

In Bangladesh, the day starts before the break of dawn when a crowd gathers in famous Ramna Park. The cultural show generally held by Chayanat every year. In this day, The Bengali women wear a traditional Shari with a red border. They also adorn their hair with flowers and wear colorful thefts. On the other hand, men wear traditional Punjabi with Pajama or Dhuti. People of Bangladesh organize many events on this day.

  • Boishakhi Parade: Boishakhi parade is also known as Mongol Shoba Jatra. It is one of the biggest highlighting parts of the day. The parade starts from the Charukola Institute of Dhaka University. So, a huge number of people attend on the Parades.
  • Ramna Batamul: In this place, the singers of Chayanot welcome the 1st day of Bengali New Year by singing ‘Esho He Boishakh Esho Esho’.
  • Alpana: People draw Alpana in the front of yard and staircase. So, the designer used varieties colors to design Alpana. Drawing Alpana in the main street is one of the funny activities where male and female both participates.
  • Halkhata: Halkhata is the ritual of closing the old ledger and opening a new one with new entries on Bengali New Year. Traders send out an invitation to their old customers to entertain them with sweets.
  • Sports: Cultural Bengali people organize traditional sports events like boat racing, bull fighting, Horse racing etc. Boat race is one of the famous game. So, huge number of people attends to enjoy boat racing in river side.

Pohela Boishakh Celebration – Boishaki Mela in Bangladesh

Boishakhi Mela is arranged all over the country and generally it continues for at least a week. There are a huge number of product and activities that make the fair attraction to all age groups. Many types of accessories you will find in the fair. Most interesting things in the fair are whirligig and doll dance.

Panta Elish: Panta Elish is one of the favorite foods for the Bengali People. The very previous day of Bengali New Year rice are whetted to eat in this day. Panta vat with Fried Hilsha fish is traditional food. It has an exceptional taste. Most of the people with their relatives or family members eat this traditional food in home or in fair. Traditionally Panta Elish served in a mud made plate.

Other cultural activities: Bengali people organize a stage for folk songs like Pala gan, Jari gan, Bhatiali and many more. So, all folk song lovers stay there whole days to enjoy.

Bengali New Year Celebration in Calcutta

On this day, people of Calcutta wear new clothes. Garments traders sell garments products with heavy discounts. Young ladies wear White Shari with the red borders and men wears Dhuti and Punjabi. Wearing Shari and Punjabi is traditional for this day. The Hindu traders purchase a new account book to close the old one.

The people of west Bengal organize a traditional fair. The government of west Bengal sponsored the fair. The entry fee is fully free in the fair. That is why; all kinds of people can come to the fair.

Bengali New Year celebration in other countries

The Bengali New Year is also celebrates in other countries by the Bengali community.

Bengali community in Sweden celebrates the Bengali New Year with a great passion. In that case, traditional Bengali dance performed by Bengali student association in Sweden.

The Bengali community in the UK celebrates Bengali New Year with a street festival. It is one of the largest Asian festivals in Europe. That is why; all Bengali people in Europe gathers together to enjoy.

Pohela Boishakh images

People use to send wishes Pohela Boishakh 2017 by images or greeting cards. Here some high resolution images and greeting cards for you. To download image and greeting cards right click on image and save the image.

  1. Boishakh image nagor dola

Boishakh image nagor dola


2. Boishakhi kameez jama image

Boishakhi kameez jama image

3. Boishakhi panjubi image

Boishakhi panjubi image


Boishakhi saree image

5. Pohela Boishakh food image

Pohela Boishakh food image

6. Pohela Boishakh panta elish image

Pohela Boishakh panta elish image 1

7. Pohela Boishakh pitha image

Pohela Boishakh pitha image 1

8. Pohela Boishakh rally image

Pohela Boishakh rally image

Pohela Boishakh wishes

Here we have shared some hot collection of Pohela Boishakh 2017 quotes and Wishes. Check them to send messages to your friends, wife, parents, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family.

1. Nikhad bondhutter nikhad bhalobasay sikto hok notun bochhorer
protita din…..

Shubho Noboborsho !!!

2. Katbe raat, asbe probhat… jak puratan, jak muche jak sab dukkho… Notun Bachhar, notun aasha… songe thakuk bhalobasa. !!


3. Muchhe jak glani, Ghuche jak jora, Ogni snane Shuchi hok dhora. .

4. Misti alor jhikimiki sobuj ghase ghase,

snighdho haway duliye matha fuler koli hase,

Pakhir gane poribese mayabi ak dhoa,

dilam tomay subho nababorsher  chhoya.

5. Unish (19) maane Jouban.
Bhoy, sankoch bileen,
Unish mane bandhan chhire
Paalte deoyar din !
Shuvo Noboborsho 1419 !!

Hope everyone will enjoy Bengali New Year Pohela Boishakh 2017 (Shuvo Noboborsho 1423). To get update information get in touch with newyearidas.com.


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