Iphone 8 release date, price and specifications rumors

Iphone 8 release date, price and specifications are our main topic what we are actually going to discuss today. Apple is one of the famous brands all over the world. We know, every year the Apple Company launched new smart phones. Last year they launched a phone which was iPhone 7. The phone was blast in the market. Consequently they are going to launch another smart phone in this year.

Iphone 8 would be the name of new upcoming smart phone. The Apple Company did not announce any information about Iphone 8. But, the information has already tipped in online. That is why, all the information about Iphone 8 may not to be perfect. So, read the full article to know about Iphone 8 release date, price and specifications.

Iphone 8 release date in September 2017

As like I said there is no official announcement about this phone. So, we do not know the exact date about iphone 8 release date. According to rumor, we expected in September 2017 Iphone 8 will launch in market.

iphone 8 release date

Iphone 8 price will be cost more than $1000 (expected)

We are speculating for now, of course, as the Iphone 7 has only recently gone on sale. Whether Apple will set up a new price for the extraordinary Iphone 8 is anyone’s guess. According to leak things, the Iphone 8 seems to be an ultra-premium device that could cost more than any iphone yet. In this case, we expected it will be cost more than $1000.

We do not have more information about Iphone 8 price.

Iphone 8 specifications

2017 will be the 10th anniversary of Apple. In this case, Iphone 8 will be the 10th anniversary model. The Apple is planning to bring something new and unique like never before. According to rumors, the Apple is working on 10 different prototypes. Apple has been always famous for the excellence of the hardware what they provide in Iphone. I do not think that any other companies can contend for terms of hardware provided in new upcoming Iphone 8.  There are many new features in this phone

Key Features of Iphone 8

  • Stainless still body

  • Edge to Edge display

  • Virtual home button

  • Wireless charging

  • Enhanced water resistance

  • Dual-lens camera

  • Support for the Apple pencil

  • Iris scanner

  • New colors, including Red

Edge to Edge OLED 4k big display

The 10th anniversary model of Iphone 8 could come with a 5.8” edge to edge display. The display will accept almost 4 thousand resolutions. The display is protected by strong corning glass.

OLED new technology

One importunate rumor that continues to be talked about is Apple is move away from tried and tasted LCD latest technology. It appears that, in 2017 will see an Iphone for the 1st time use OLED panels. A move which has been asks of public for a long time. Ming- Chi Kuo suggests Apple has been in talks with Samsung supplier of OLED’s for many times. The South Korean company Samsung received an order for more than 60 millions of the display units.

3D face time Camera

This is one of the latest features of the Iphone 8 might be the Face time selfie camera. The camera is expected to integrate additional hardware and software features than will give it extra powers on top of its basic picture taking and video chat features. A new leaked thing from a top source indicates that Iphone 8’s 3D camera could reinvent the user experience. The camera is supposed to feature 3D sensing and modeling capabilities that could be used for facial recognition-based Iphone unlock, as well as increased reality features. On the other hand, the primary camera is 12 mega pixels camera with some new features.

The new features are phase detection, autofocus, OIS, LED flash, geo-tagging, HDR, TOUCH focus, face/smile detection, 8 mega pixel image recording.

Chipset and RAM

The phone is using very commanding processor. Due to the irresistible achievement of the A10 fusion chip, many rumors suggest Apple has its associates working on a second. Perhaps called the A11 fusion is expected to be almost perfectly efficient and use a Quad core CPU. According to screen size, it is expected that a minimum of 3Giga bytes used and a maximum of 4 Giga bytes. In Iphone 7 plus uses 3GB RAM. So, some progress is to be predictable.

Wireless charger

New leaked news by Mack rumor authored by Kuo suggests that finally Apple is going to introduce Wireless charging system in the next generation Iphone. Some accompanying details related to this are also attention-grabbing to note, With Kuo suggestions that wireless charging technology has a propensity to increase the internal temperature of handsets.

Non-removable Li-lion battery

According to rumors, the device has 3000 mAh non-removable Li-lion battery which will keep power up the device. This make gives the device the last longing performance.


The internal storage of Iphone 8 are 32/64/128/256 Giga bytes. There is no card slot for external storage.

Everyone is excited for the new upcoming Iphone 8 release date, guess you too. You have to wait until the launching date if you do care, to buy. To know about Iphone 9 release date and Iphone 10 release date stay with newyearideas.com.

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