Argentina Public Holidays in 2017 From Argentinian Calendar

Argentina public holidays declare by the low of Argentina government. There are some important holidays such as May Revolution holidays, Catholic-based holidays, Independence Day, historic holidays and national Flag holidays. There are also two types of holidays of Argentina like “Standard holiday” and “revolving holiday”. These days are the weekend for the employee of Argentina. It has also some red-letter holidays such as carnival Monday, truth and justice Memorial Day, Good Friday, national Flag Day, Independence Day, the day of national sovereignty etc.

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Now I’m going to discuss the all non-official and official holidays of Argentina step by step below. So, let’s read about Argentina public holidays.

Argentina public holidays

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New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is the most important public holiday from others Argentina public holidays. Most of the countries those observe Gregorian calendar “new Year” is their public holidays without Israel. This day celebrate on Sunday in January 01, not only Argentina’s people but also all over the world. In facet, it comes from after name of Janus who was the Roman god. So, the people of Argentina follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate New Year’s Day as the public holiday.

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Carnival Monday

Carnival Monday is national celebrity day of Argentina. S, The people of Argentina enjoy this day on Monday on 27 February every year. This holiday starts before Ash Wednesday day.

Carnival Tuesday

Carnival Tuesday is also Argentina public holiday. The people of Argentina celebrate this day on Tuesday on 28 February every year. This holiday comes before Ash Wednesday in Argentina.

Truth and Justice Memorial Day

Truth and Justice Memorial Day is the national Argentina public holidays. The people of Argentina always celebrate this day on 24 March in every year. Besides, this day comes in Argentina tradition and publishes as a public holiday in 1976 when a powerful military Junta comes to the chair in Argentina.

Malvinas Day

Malvina’s day is another Argentina public holiday. It celebrates every year on 02 April. This holiday is officially called “Day of the War Veterans and the Fallen in the Malvinas Islands”. This day comes from the Falklands War when Argentina gets the Malvinas Islands in 1982 on 02 April. The holidays started from 2001for Argentineans.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is known as Good Thursday and Holy Thursday for the people of Argentina. This day started in the early months of “Christian Church”. Generally, this holiday celebrates 13 April on Thursday.

Good Friday

Good Friday is not only Argentina public holiday but also many countries in the world.  14 April on Friday is its celebrating day for the people of Argentina. The day comes after the crucifixion of Jesus.

International Labour Day | May Day | International Work’s Day

In 1884 the USA Labor Unions demands just eight hours workday. And this result comes at last on 01 May in 1886. From that day Argentina observe this as a public holiday. Most of the countries in the world celebrate this day as a public holiday.

May Day Revolution

May Day revolution is one of the important Argentina national public holidays. 25 May in 1810 is the read-litter day in Argentinean history. In this day Argentina got the First Anniversary Independent Government in Buenos Aires. So Argentina regularly celebrates 25 may as their national holiday.

Martin Miguel de Guemes Day

This is the new holiday in Argentina. 17 June on Saturday is it celebrates the day just in Argentina. From 2016 this day has become as a holiday in Argentina.

Father‘s Day

Father’s Day is not Argentinean public holiday. This day celebrate is the honor of father and forefather. It comes from the different nation in the world. 18 June on Sunday is the celebrating day in Argentina and other some countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Germany etc.

Argentina National Flag day

National Flag Day is a national holiday in Argentina. This day comes after the death of Manuel Belgrano who was the creator of present national Flag of Argentina. This day celebrate 20 June on Tuesday.

Argentina Independence Day

According to the Gregorian calendar, 09 July on Sunday is Independence Day of Argentina. 1816 is the year when Argentina had freedom from Spain and declares this day is national holiday in Argentina.

Public holiday

Public holiday is same of Independence Day of Argentina. This holy day celebrates just after one day of Argentina Independence Day. The enjoying date is 10 July on Monday of the public holiday.

St Martins Day

St Martins Day is a national public holiday in Argentina, Peru, and Chile. He is the national hero of these countries. The people of these countries commemorate his name as a freedom fighter and national hero 21 August on Monday.

Day of respect for Cultural diversity | Columbus Day

This is the national holiday of several countries of South America. In this day they remember the name of Columbus who is the best Island seeker in the world. He is the creator of America. So the people of Argentina and other American countries commemorate his name 09 October on Monday.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is Argentina holiday like Father’s day. It celebrates 15 October on Sunday in Argentina.

Day of National Sovereignty

Day of National sovereignty is the national public holiday in Argentina. According to the Gregorian calendar in this day people of Argentina remember the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado on November 20 in the year of 1845. It celebrates on Monday on 27 November.

Immaculate Conception Day

Immaculate conception Day is not only Argentina international public holiday but also all the catholic countries all over the world. This day celebrates in December 8 on Friday. The entire catholic religious person remembers their Mary who is the mother of Jesus.

Christmas Day

This is the big festival holy day in the Christian world. Argentina celebrates this day on Monday on 25 December with all over the world. This day is very important to Christian religion because this day is birthday of Jesus.

At the conclusion of this discussion, I can say that Argentina has several public holidays that just celebrate only Argentinean. And there are so many Argentina Public holidays that they enjoy with the world.

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