Albanian Public Holidays 2017 With Calendar

Albanian Public Holidays come according to the Gregorian calendar. There are some national holidays in Albanian that establishes Albanian government. Sometimes those days are called paid holidays or red-letter days which come from according to the law of Albanian government. There are 36 hours weekly holidays in Albanian with including sundry. New Year’s Day, Summer Day, May Day, Liberation Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day, Eid ul- Fitr, Eid ul Adha and Mother Teresa Day are the most important Albanian Public Holidays.

Public Holidays in Albania 2017

There are more non-official and official Albanian Public Holidays. Now I’m going to describe one by one about all holidays of Albanian bellow.

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Albanian Public Holidays

Happy New Year’s Day

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Every year first January is the most celebrity day in the world expects Israel. All countries of the world observe Sunday as Happy New Years. This red-letter day comes from according to the name of Janus who was the god of Roman. Most of the countries of the globe those follow Gregorian calendar “New Year’s Day” is the holiday for them. In this way, Albanian people also follow the Gregorian calendar, so 01 January is the holiday for them.

Day after New Year’s Day

Monday, January 02 is the other official holiday for the people of Albanian. This day is the public holiday all over the world that follows the Gregorian calendar without Israel. The day after New Year’s Day comes after the name of Janus who was the Roman god of gates. This holiday celebrates on 2 January in 153 BC-E by the two Roman people.

Summer Day

Albanian Summer Day is the yearly natural public holiday for the republic people of Albanian. 14 march on Tuesday is the celebrate day not only Albanians but also Romans and Eastern Europe countries people. This holiday comes after the name of Zana who is the goddess of nature, forests, and hunting.

Nevruz | Persian New Year | Spring Festival

Nevruz comes on Tuesday in March 21 every year for the people of Albanian. This Albanian public holiday is also called “New Day”. The day is also holiday some other countries of the world such as Kazakhstan, India, Iraq, and Azerbaijan. In 2010 on 23 February the UN declared that 21 March is the International Day of Novruz.

Easter Holyday of Albanian

Sunday, 16 April is the “Easter Sunday” of the republic people of Albanian. This is the official holiday not only Albanian but also many countries like USA North Carolina. The day comes after the name of the goddess Ostara or Eostre. There are many countries here knows the day “Pesach”. The people of Albanian celebrate this holiday according to the date of the Gregorian calendar.

Orthodox Easter day

Orthodox Easter day is the same official holiday like “Easter Catholic” Day in Albanian. This holiday also celebrates on Sunday on 16 April for the people who follow the Gregorian calendar.

International Labour Day

Labour Day is also known as International Work’s Day or May Day. This is the most celebrate holiday not only the people of Albania but also all over the world. Monday 01 May is the international holiday in Albania. 01 May comes in the world with the strong labor strike for eight work hours in the year of 1886.

Eid Ul-Fitr

Eid ul-first is one of the large holidays for the Muslims in the world. The Albanian Muslim people celebrate this 25 June on Sunday. This holiday comes from the prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM) period when he got Ramadan from Allah. Eid-ul first comes in the Muslims after completing one month Ramadan. Sometimes it depends on the moon when this holiday will be celebrated.


Eid ul-Adha is one of another large Muslims holiday in the Muslim’s world. The people of Albanian try to select on Friday in September 01for their holiday. This day also comes from the period of the prophet Ibrahim (AS) who is the prophet of Allah. This holiday is also depended on the moon.

Mother Teresa Day

Mother Teresa Day is a national holiday of Albania. It always celebrates 19 October on Thursday in Albania with all over the world. As mother Teresa is an Albanian so this day is very important for the people of Albanian. This day comes from in the year of 2003 when Teresa was beatified.

Albania Independence Day

Albania Independence Day is a national holiday for the people of Albania. The government of Albania announces this day as a national holiday on 28 November. This day comes when Albania became free from Ottoman Empire in the year of 1912. This day is only two days holiday of Albania that always follows the Liberation Day November 29.

Christmas Day

Christmas day is an Albanian public holidays. This is the international holiday all over the world. Most of the countries celebrate this day as a festival day on Monday on 25 December. At first, this day comes in western countries after the birth of Jesus. So Albanian people follow that date and celebrate this day as a holiday.

There is some non-official Albanian Public Holydays according to the law of Albania. Those are League of Lezhe day, Teacher’s Day, Mother’s Day, April fool’s Day, Children’s Day, and Alphabet Day, The emergence of the KLA Day, Constitution Day and Christmas Eve day.

At the end of this discussion, we have found out that there are some Albanian Public Holydays that celebrate according to the low of Albanian Government. And other days are international holidays those maintain by international law.

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