Afghan New Year 2017: tradition, food and celebration, wishes images, greeting cards

Afghan New Year is really very important for people of Afghanistan. It is also known as Nowruz. Some Afghan people also called it by Farmer’s day. It is very traditional. Afghan people follow their own trend to celebrate it. In this article, we are going to share ideas and information about Afghan New Year 2017 tradition and celebration, about Afghan New Years food, wishes, greeting cards etc. So, read the full article.

Afghan New Year 2017:
The observances, usually last 13 days. It generally starts from March 21 of every year. Consequently, in 2017 it will start from March 21.

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Afghan New Year tradition and celebration:
As I said already Afghan New Year is very traditional. People start preparation from last Wednesday before the New Year. Among various traditions and customs, the most important ones are as following:

Haft Mewa:

The women of Afghanistan prepared a very special drink called Haft Mewa, which is highlighting Nowruz for Afghan people. Traditionally they use seven things to make juice. They are: red raisins, black raisins, yellow raisins, the dried fruit of the Oleaster tree, pistachio, dried apricot, and dried Apple.

This is a special sweetmeat. They made it by the wheat germ. Traditionally Afghan women started to make it from the late night in the evening until daylight, singing special songs. They enjoyed it very much.

Mela e Gul e Surkh:

It means the red Flower festival referring to red tulip. People goes to Mazar I Sharif to celebrate it. Every Afghan people goes to Mazar on this auspicious day.
Buzkashi: Buzkashi tournament is held during the Guli Surkh festival in Mazar Sharif, Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan along with other customs and celebrations.

Special food:

People cook Sabji Challah on the eve of Nowruz to welcome spring and the New Year. The women of Afghan make Mahi (fried fish) and jelabi (fried sugar desert).

Festival: People arranged many festivals in Afghanistan. People go on a picnic for refreshment and spend a quality time with family. People also go Shrines to make pray for their families and for a new year. Children and young boys make a kite flying event. They do lots of fun in this event.

Afghan New Year images:

People use to send wishes Afghan New year 2017 by images or greeting cards. Here some high resolution images and greeting cards for you. To download image and greeting cards right click on image and save the image.

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Afghan new year image 1

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Afghan new year image 2

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Afghan new year image 3

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Afghan new year image 4

Afghan New Year wishes:
Here we have shared some hot collection of Afghan New Year 2017 quotes and Wishes. Check them to send messages to your friends, wife, parents, lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, and family.

Hope everyone will enjoy the Afghan New Year in 2017 which is knocking at the door. To know more ideas and information about Afghan New Year stay with

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